Unit Secretary

Description: The Crew Secretary is the record-keeping adult leader of the crew. He or she is responsible for the communication that needs to be put into writing – correspondence, publicity, records, and minutes showing officer decisions, actions and plans.

The secretary helps with publishing schedules, newsletters to make everyone in the crew aware of whats going on in the upcoming months. They also organize a telephone tree with all the Youth & Adult Members to let everyone be informed on breaking news!

Responsibilities: The Secretary’s responsibilities are to:

  • Serves as the communications officer and, in that position, manages all communications and publicity for the crew.
  • Maintains crew membership, registration for events and attendance records.
  • Handles crew correspondence and minutes.
  • Coordinates crew publicity through local media, crew newsletters, and the crew’s telephone network.
  • Sets an example by following the rules of the crew.
  • Wears the uniform appropriate to the Venturing crew.
  • Approaches Venturing in the spirit of fun, and spreads this spirit in the publicity and communications of the crew.

The Secretary in Crew 820 is also in charge on all Registration, Attendance & Records on all Aquatics Events!