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Check out our Google Calendar Page for information on Dates, Times & Locations.
+ Allow time before & after class for scouts to change into/out of swimming attire
+ First Day of Class will start at 5:30P to allow time to check everyone into the class

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Venturing Crew #820 Aquatics Notifications Email’s Sign Up Form

Sign up for “Remind” to receive a notification about classes you Registered for!
We will also use this to communicate when class is cancelled and/or rescheduled!
Standard text-messaging rates apply! Click on the icon to sign up!

Attendance is very important! Missing 2 pool classes will result in removal from class.
If your going to miss a class for any reason, let is know as soon as you can.
You can let us know by responding to the notification you receive about the class.

Records for all programs are updated after every class! For safety and security purposes, they will not be posted or given out on our social media sites and/or on the website. If you have questions on how your scout(s) are doing, simply ask! We have no problem in giving you an update on how your scout(s) are doing! We also hang a “Make Up Requirements” List on the Pool Office Windows. If you feel your scout(s) are struggling, don’t hesitate to come and talk to one of us about this! Scouts Safety is always #1 and we take this seriously!

If class may need to be cancelled, we will try and do so 2 hours before event start time!
Example: 6:00 pm Start Time / Class will try and be cancelled the class by 4:00 pm!
Click here to view Venturing Crew #820 Inclement Weather Cancellation Policy!