Parent/Guardian SCUBA Diving Weekend

SCUBA Diving is Friday-Sunday in June.  The SCUBA Diving Weekend includes transportation, food, and camping arrangements.  Details on what is included in the class is on our FAQ Page.  Please see calendar for locations.

Adults should plan to help with transportation, please let us know how many participants can be transported in your vehicle.

*06/12/20 – 06/14/20 – SCUBA Diving Weekend (See Below for Information)

*06/12/20 – 06/14/20 Camp Out:
Will be Camping at Camp Hertzer – 3543 North County Road 33, Tiffin, OH 44883.
We will be leaving Friday at 6:00 PM and will be returning Sunday at 5:00 PM.
Departing / Return to John Knox Church – 5155 Eastlake St NW, North Canton, OH 44720
Scuba Diving at White Star Quarry – 901 South Main Street, Gibbonsburg, OH 43431
White Star Quarry is Part of the Sandusky County Park District

Packing List:
-Camping Supplies/Materials for clothing, sleeping, & hygiene. (Showers are available at camp)
-Mess Kit (Plate, Cup, & Utensils)
-Canteen for water


Please see the Agenda under SCUBA Diving Merit Badge!


Please see the Food under SCUBA Diving Merit Badge!

Pricing: $30/(No Event Day) for Event, Nonrefundable Amount is $5.00!  Refunds are allowed for this program. Refund % is listed below, First Day of Event is the 1st Class under Schedule!

Scuba Diving Merit Badge Percentage Refund Amount
At Least 60 Days Prior 100% $25.00
Within 30 Days Prior 50% $12.50
Within 15 Days Prior 25% $6.25
Within 7 Days Prior 0% $0.00

Please see our FAQ Page for pricing break down!

SCUBA Diving Poster