Lifesaving Merit Badge

Lifesaving Merit Badge is offered on Sunday’s January-April. The maximum class size is 40 scouts. Lifesaving Merit Badge consists of 8 classes (7 Pool & 1 Lecture Class)! Please see calendar for location.

We give each scout their merit badge blue card back at the last class.

Any scout can sign up for Lifesaving Merit Badge but should have Swimming Merit Badge! Exceptions can be made depending on how strong of a swimmer they are.

Some of the more difficult requirements for Lifesaving Merit Badge are:
-Swim continuously for 400 yards using each of the following strokes in a strong manner for at least 50 continuous yards: front crawl, sidestroke, breaststroke, and elementary backstroke.
-Recover a 10-pound weight in 8 to 10 feet of water using a feet first surface dive & a headfirst surface dive.
-Perform an equipment-based rescues for a conscious practice subject
-Perform non-equipment rescues for a conscious practice subject

We will have some time if a scout has trouble with some of the requirements to go back and practice and try again.

It very important to make all the classes for lifesaving. We practice every rescue several times before we do any of the tests. It is very hard to make up the requirements for lifesaving since it has a lot of requirements and it is an in depth merit badge.

Schedule: ( Pool Class / Lecture Class )
01/09/22 5:30P to 8:00P – 2nd/1st Class Requirements, Reaching Rescues, Throwing Rescues, & Recover a 10 lb. weight Feet first/Head first
01/23/22 6:00P to 8:00P – In-Person Rowing Rescues & Avoiding Contact/Lead-and-Wait
01/30/22 6:00P to 8:00P – Explain Buoyant Aids
02/06/22 6:00P to 8:00P – Demonstrate Rescues of a Conscious/Unconscious Practice Subject with Buoyant Aids & Demonstrate Management of Spinal Injury
02/27/22 6:00P to 8:00P – Swim Continuously for 400 yards using Proper Strokes/Strong Manner
03/06/22 6:00P to 8:00P – Swim Continuously for 400 yards using Proper Strokes/Strong Manner, Perform Non-equipment Rescues for a Conscious/Unconscious Practice Subject, & Show How to Escape from a Victim’s Grasp Wrist/Front/Rear Holds
03/13/22 6:00P to 8:00P – Make Up Class (Class Isn’t Required!)
04/03/22 5:00P to 8:00P – Safe Swim Defense/Safety Afloat, Drowning Situation/Identify Person/Method of Rescue/Rescue Techniques/Rescues Not be Taken, Heavy Clothing Removal, CPR, & First Aid.

$30/$40 for Event, Nonrefundable Amount is $5.00!  Transfers/Refunds are allowed for this program.  Lifesaving Merit Badge participants can move to Learner’s Swimming Lessons. Refund % is listed below, First Day of Event is the 1st Class under Schedule!

Lifesaving Merit BadgePercentageRefund Amount
At Least 60 Days Prior100%$25.00
Within 30 Days Prior50%$12.50
Within 15 Days Prior25%$6.25
Within 7 Days Prior0%$0.00

Flyer for Lifesaving Merit Badge
Lesson Plans for Lifesaving Merit Badge