Learner’s Swimming Lessons

Learner’s Swimming Lessons is offered on Sunday’s in the months of October through April during the Swimming & Lifesaving Merit Badge classes. This class has no maximum. Learners class is to improve on their swimming skills & complete 2nd/1st Class Boy Scout rank requirements. Please see calendar page for locations and times.

Any scout can sign up for Learner’s. Swimming ability of any level is acceptable!

At all the pool classes, we will be working on their swimming skill starting out with the front crawl and then the elementary backstroke. Other strokes will then be worked on sidestroke, breaststroke, & back crawl.  Please let us know if your scout needs to work on a particular swimming stroke in particular!

2nd/1st Class Boy Scout Rank Requirements will be covered during some classes. See schedule below for those dates, as well as what is covered in those requirements.

If any scout needs signed off any 2nd/1st Class Requirements please make sure it is OK with the Scoutmaster BEFORE asking us to sign off of the requirements in the scout’s book.

Schedule: ( Pool Class / Lecture Class )
*Please note that all these classes may end
 earlier than scheduled!

10/09/22 5:30P to 8:00P – 2nd/1st Class Requirements (5.B.C.D./6.A.E.) & Swimming Skills
10/23/22 6:00P to 8:00P – Swimming Skills
11/06/22 6:00P to 8:00P – Swimming Skills
11/13/22 6:00P to 8:00P – Swimming Skills
12/18/22 6:00P to 6:30P – 2nd/1st Class Requirements (5.A./6.D.)
01/08/23 6:00P to 8:00P – 2nd/1st Class Requirements (5.B.C.D./6.A.E.) & Swimming Skills
01/22/23 6:00P to 8:00P – 1st Class Requirements (6.C.D.) & Swimming Skills
01/29/23 6:00P to 8:00P – Swimming Skills
02/05/23 6:00P to 8:00P – Swimming Skills
02/26/23 6:00P to 8:00P – Swimming Skills
03/05/23 6:00P to 8:00P – Swimming Skills
04/02/23 5:00P to 5:30P – 2nd/1st Class Requirements (5.A./6.D.)

Lesson Descriptions:
2nd/1st Class Requirements: Pool Class
Second Class Requirements
b.BSA Beginner Test
c.Demonstrate Water Rescue Reaching
d.Swimming Rescues Not Attempted & Avoid Contact with Victim
First Class Requirements
a.BSA Swimmer Test
c.Identify Parts of a Canoe/Kayak/Other Boat & Identify Parts Paddle/Oar
d.Describe Body Positioning Watercraft & Explain Importance Proper Body Position
e.Show Line Rescue

2nd/1st Class Requirements: Lecture Class
Second Class Requirements
a.Precautions Safe Swim
First Class Requirements
b.Precautions Safe Trip Afloat

Swimming Skills:
We work on swimming strokes, each stroke has certain requirements that we shoot for.  If they need assistance on a particular stroke, let us know and we can work on them with that stroke.

$5.00/$5.00 per Pool Class & $0 for Lecture Class, No refunds are offered for Learner’s Swimming Lesson’s!

Flyer for Learner’s Swimming Lessons
Lesson Plans for Learner’s Swimming Lessons