Chartered Organization Representative

Description: The Chartered Organization Representative is the direct contact between the Scouting Unit(s) and the Chartered Organization. This individual is also the organization’s contact with the district committee and the local council. The chartered organizational representative may become a member of the district committee and is a voting member of the local council.

Qualifications: Is at least 21 years old, is a member of the charted organization, and is not a unit leader or assistant unit leader. Is appointed by the Chartered Organization to serve as its official Scouting respective and is registered as an adult leader of the BSA.

Responsibilities: The chartered organization representative’s responsibilities are to:

  • Help select the right leadership for the unit
  • Promote well-planned, quality unit programs, including outdoor programs, advancement and recognition
  • Serve as a liaison between the units and the organization
  • Promote the recruiting of new members and units
  • See that boys transition from unit to unit
  • Help with the charter renewal
  • Suggest Good Turns to benefit the organization
  • Encourage the unit committee to hold meetings
  • Cultivate organization leaders, and encourage necessary training of exiting and new leaders
  • Utilize district help and promote the use of district personnel and materials
  • Use approved unit finance polices
  • Cultivate resources to support the organization
  • Represent the organization at the council level