Bear Elective Adventure: Salmon Run

Bear Elective Adventure: Salmon Run is offered on one Sunday in December. The maximum class size is 20 scouts.  Bear Salmon Run consists of 1 pool class!  Please see calendar for location.

We give each scout a certificate at the completion of the class.

Any Bear scout can sign up for Bear Salmon Run.

Some of the more difficult requirements for Bear Salmon Run is…
-Show how to do both a reach rescue and a throw rescue.

If a scout needs to improve on his swimming though we suggest that he take the learners class first!

Schedule: ( Pool Class )
*Please note that this class may end
 earlier than scheduled!

12/11/22 5:30P to 8:00P – Importance Response Personnel/Buddy System Works, Go Swimming, Safety Rules before Boating, Safety Equipment for Boating, Reach/Throw Rescue, & Swimming Ability Groups.

$7.50/$15.00 for Event, No refunds are offered for Bear Salmon Run!

Flyer for Cub Scout Aquatics (Tiger Floats and Boats/Wolf Spirit of the Water/Bear Salmon Run)
Lesson Plans for Bear Elective Adventure: Salmon Run